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Three Places to Advertise Yourself By Adding Your Headshot

When someone googles your name, what are the first three results that come up? Likely the answer is somewhere along the lines of

1. Your company website (And/or google business page. Bonus tip: If you don’t have a google business page, you are missing out on a massive amount of free advertising.)

2. Your social media pages

3. Your social media pages

These are easy places to throw down a killer headshot for an instant good “first impression” with your potential customers. A good first impression photo is one that projects professionalism and high quality. It’s an invitation to the outside world to come in, and see the human behind the sign.

The authority of your company is increased by adding the human element. People do business with people, not companies.

Here are a few more places to add that trust building headshot:

1. Your zoom or skype profile. Especially important for an audio only call, your block should show your well composed, smiling face. Just this week I was on an audio call with four other people, out of all of us only one personal had a photo beside their name. A smiling man in a suit, looking like he was ready to close the deal. And you know what? That’s the only person that I remember was in the meeting a few days later.

2. Your business card. Your card is an introduction to you, that potential client that you handed it to likely isn’t going to remember your name. But they will remember your face. Finding your face on your card makes it just a little bit easier for that client to find you and buy your product.

3. Send it in ahead of your next speaking engagement. A well composed photo of you on the pamphlet that your audience takes home connects your words to actions and makes it easy for them to identify and connect with you on social media later. (Let’s face it, they will probably find you there before finding your company’s website.)

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