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For the Camera-Shy Businesswoman: How to Embrace the Camera

I recently posed a question to my friends and followers on my IG account, What thoughts and feelings hold you back from embracing the camera?”

The answers that I received were a mixed bag of very personal and often painful feelings. And there was one loud theme to all of the answers. I look like (insert negative adjective here), and it’s all that I can see in my photos. I can’t stop looking at my (insert that thing about yourself that bugs you), so I avoid the camera at all costs.

Statements like this break my heart. So we are going to dive right into the heart of this. Let’s begin.

First the WHY of the matter. When you allow someone to take a photo of you, you put your image in their hands. It is an act of vulnerability. That person is now in control of the angle, the light, the background, and not to mention they control where the photo ends up! No wonder you don’t want your photo taken!

Now the good news: You don’t have to give up all the control over your image to be in front of the camera. With a little practice and self awareness, you can learn to control your image AND even enjoy the process!

What a difference! Jessica helped me with a whole tutorial on the subject. It’s on Instagram. Just click here and check out the highlight titled “Tips For Photos.”

  1. Don’t stand straight facing the camera. Want to look slim and tall? Angle yourself away from the camera slightly, pop a hip, and lean back on it. Even the slimmest of figures can look distorted when looking at them straight on.

  2. Find your “good side.” When I turn my head to the left for the camera, I ALWAYS look sleepy. My right eyelid just droops a little bit. But if I turn my head slightly to the right (showing my left eye more than my right), I instantly look bright and friendly. My left side is just my more attractive side. And because no one is perfectly symmetrical, you have a “good side” too. Just spend a few minutes in the mirror finding it!

  3. Learn how to smile for photos. The smile that you smile when you are actually entertained is actually not that attractive on camera. It’s really big and shows lots of your gums. Instead, spend that few minutes in front of the mirror finding your smile too.

These are just a couple of small ways to take control of your image and OWN IT when you end up in front of the camera. Because we do at some point, ESPECIALLY if you are a business owner!

Have follow up questions? I would LOVE to answer them. Just drop them in the comments below or send me a message on Instagram.


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