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Julie Dunfee Designs

Sheridan Road: 
Julie Dunfee Designs

File this away under, "Perfect use of brand photos." Julie was featured in a prominent magazine in the area and found great use of her branded photography to showcase herself. Well done!!


When Forbes asked Melissa Copeland of Blue Orbit Consulting if she had any photos of her team to send in with her article, the answer was easy, "Yes!" We had just taken brand photos for her new website, so we could send in several for them to choose from. Another reason to have a cache of branded pictures at the ready! 

Melissa Copeland of Blue Orit Consulting
Overcoming Mediocrity Empowered Women

Overcoming Mediocrity: Empowered Women

I'm crazy excited to be co-authoring the upcoming Overcoming Mediocrity book. This 10th edition will come out this summer. It includes empowering stories from women all over the globe that will make make you want to jump up and take over the world! Learn more here: Lindsey Oaks | Overcoming Mediocrity | Elevating Women, Their Stories, & Their Brilliance!

Made in Mundelein Campaign

Being a resident of Mundelein, it was an honor to photograph so many of the village's small businesses for their latest campaign to shop local, "Made for You, Mundelein." The campaign even produced my very first billboard photos! Learn more here: Made in Mundelein

Made in Mundelein Campaign
Passion Breakthrough Podcase

Interview on the Passion Breakthrough Podcast

My chat with business coach (and dear friend) Dianne Shelton. From finding balance to have a sustainable business to the struggles we face as entrepreneurs, we take you Behind the Breakthrough and share with you the top tips & lessons learned to inspire & help you with your journey. Click here to give it a listen.

Interview on the Ashes to Wings Podcast

Talking about the journey of entrepreneurship (and life!) never gets old for me. I so enjoyed chatting with one of my mentors, Jenni O'Connor about how to enjoy the journey, the best kind of pizza, and bumper stickers! Click here to give it a listen!

Ashes to Wings Podcast
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