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Hi, I'm Lindsey.

A horse-crazy kid from the beginning, I just knew that when I competed at the highest levels, showing everyone what a fantastic rider I was, my business would flourish.

You guessed it, I worked my way to the top, competing against the world's best, but my highly profitable business didn't just appear. 

I was gutted. I had spent a decade honing my skills, going into debt. The belief that all I had to do was be the best at my job had carried me for so long. I had proven at the highest levels that I was exceptional at my job!


I had to learn (the hard way) that being really good at my job was not enough to produce a profitable business.

Many years and several failed businesses later, I started to put the pieces together. I needed to be able to communicate my value to my customers!

After spending a decade honing my communication skills with 1000lb animals that don't speak English, the transition to communicating messages visually and verbally was easy! 

These days I utilize my experience as a coach helping equestrians win in the competition ring to help entrepreneurs win at business, helping them to develop a clear, cohesive message across mediums that inspires their customers to keep coming back for more.


I recently shared my equestrian story in the latest installment of the Overcoming Mediocrity Book Series! I would love for you to take a moment to check out the book. 18 incredible women share their stories of stepping into their greatness. Check it out below!

I LOVE to help my clients tell their stories and communicate their value.

I LOVE walking my clients through the process of clarifying their message to the world. (Step by step, we will make this experience one that you remember!)   

I would LOVE to hear more about your business! Click the button below to schedule a free consultation to learn how I can help you grow. I look forward to hearing from you.

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