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  • Tired of posting to Instagram because “they” told you it would make your business “better”? What even is “better”!?

  • Tired of googling "how to get customers from my website?" and still not getting more customers from your website?

  • Tired of spending all day checking Facebook hoping for a lead to pop into your messages?

Showing up online can be difficult and confusing without a plan.
Using proven strategies that connect all of the puzzle pieces, I'll take the guesswork out of website creation and social media work.
What if...
  • You didn't have to wonder if your website was converting customers?
  • You had a team player to advocate for you online, who represented you with integrity?
  • You didn't have to spend hours creating graphics for social media posts and checking on the posts multiple times a day? 

Branding that inspires customers to stick with you has to be PERSONAL and MEMORABLE.


Helen Brew, Training at Laurel Farm

“Once she sees your vision, there's no stopping her. She sweeps in and organizes all the pieces, breaks everything down into manageable chunks, and coaches you every step of the way, enacting the plan you have come up with as a team."


Annelisa McCavera, McCavera Marketing

“She is a plethora of information and truly gets it. Until this point, I thought I had plateaued. I knew I needed and had the ability to grow my business past my current clients- but could not seem to take that step, and she’s gotten me there.”


Meet Lindsey

When I set out to be an entrepreneur back in 2006, I had no idea that I would spend the next decade learning about building a brand the hard way.

After successfully launching my most recent venture, Lindsey Oaks Personal Brand Photography, I began to see that many of my clients had no idea how to seize their own personal brands' marketing power.

As a professional coach in the equestrian industry, coaching my photography clients on creating and maintaining their personal brands was an easy transition.


Realizing that my unique experience as a coach provided me with the opportunity to help others reach their potential...