Overcoming Mediocrity Author

I'm crazy excited to be co-authoring the upcoming Overcoming Mediocrity book. This 10th edition will come out this summer. It includes empowering stories from women all over the globe that will make make you want to jump up and take over the world! Learn more here: Lindsey Oaks | Overcoming Mediocrity | Elevating Women, Their Stories, & Their Brilliance!


Made in Mundelein Campaign

Being a resident of Mundelein, it was an honor to photograph so many of the village's small businesses for their latest campaign to shop local, "Made for You, Mundelein." The campaign even produced my very first billboard photos! Learn more here: Made in Mundelein



Interview on the Passion Breakthrough Podcast

My chat with business coach (and dear friend) Dianne Shelton. From finding balance to have a sustainable business to the struggles we face as entrepreneurs, we take you Behind the Breakthrough and share with you the top tips & lessons learned to inspire & help you with your journey.