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3 Ways to Leverage Your Personal Brand in 2022

2022! Can you believe it!?

As we move into a new year, complete with more working from home and zoom meetings, it is more important now than ever before to utilize the power of your personal brand!

People buy from people that they trust. And personal branding is nothing more than reputation building on purpose. With so many buying options at the click of a mouse, how can you show customers that your service is the one for them?

Let online followers get to know the face behind the company.

People buy from people, not companies. Humanize your company by letting potential customers get to know the faces, personalities, and values behind your company. You don't need to air all of your boyfriend drama on Instagram! But you can show your commitment to local businesses by posting a photo of you in your local coffee shop. You can give potential customers a peek into your service behind the scenes. Show off your humanity!

Ask for, and publish testimonials from clients who have worked with you!

According to a national study conducted by the Brandbuilders Group, 62% of Americans say having TESTIMONIALS is the most important factor when deciding who to purchase from. The power of social proof is so strong!

Make it a part of your process to ask for testimonials from customers after working with you. Let them know that a simple google review will help other customers who NEED you to FIND you by pushing you up the search results. Most people are willing to help after receiving excellent service!

Commit to keeping your website up-to-date!

You need a haircut. You google "haircuts near me" and click the first link on the search results page. The website boasts a huge sale on haircuts! The coupon expired 2/1/2018.... You assume that this business is closed since they obviously haven't had a single deal since 2018.

An outdated site with outdated information cuts you off at the knees and makes sales impossible. Update that website!

Personal branding isn't just for Instagram influencers. It's for CEOs (anyone ever hear of Elon Musk? How about Steve Jobs?), bosses, employees, freelancers! If you wonder if your personal brand is working for you, set up a FREE Branding Strategy Session with me here. Chat soon!

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