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Starve the Fear: A Case for Taking Action

Last week while listening to one of my favorite podcasts (I consume so many these days that now I can’t remember who I was listening to) I heard this great explanation of why we don’t do the things that we dream of.

The speaker said that we don’t start because we are afraid of failure, that someone might see us and comment, that we actually might overachieve, the list goes on! The longer we wait, the more power the fear has, and the less likely that we will ever take action.

He said that in order to get past the dream stage of any goal, you must take action right away! Don’t wait! The longer you wait, the less likely you will EVER take that first step. STARVE THE FEAR. The less you feed it by procrastinating, the easier it will become to do the things that are scary.

When I started my personal branding business, it made sense that I would step in front of the camera just like my clients are doing. At first, I had lots of photos that I couldn’t make myself post. “What if everyone thinks this is stupid?” “What it turns out that I’m not good at this after all?” “What if people think that I think I’m a model or something?” But after the first one, it became a little easier each time.

What fear is holding you back? Identify it, look it in the face, and take one, tiny, little, itty bitty step towards your goal. There has never been a better time to start.

PS - If you want to start a side hustle, small business, or just post a selfie on IG and you want the tools to get there, shoot me an email. I have some goodies for you that just might make that step a little bit easier.

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