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Image Resolution Issues on Your Website

What is resolution? Resolution - Images are made up of very tiny colored squares called pixels. Image resolution describes how many of those pixels are in an image. This determines how sharp and clear the image is.

When low-quality or very small photos (low resolution) are made larger, they can pixelate. Pixels are the very tiny squares that make up a photo, if you can see them, the quality of your image is lost. Using these photos makes your company look cheap. Your company isn't "cheap," so don't give that impression. Have your photos properly resized in Photoshop, use a higher quality camera, or, better yet, hire a pro to ensure that your customers know that you are high quality.

Take a look at the photos above. The first photo has painfully deteriorated as I’ve made it bigger. It looks low budget.

Hi Resolution photos (more pixels!) are the way to go if you want them to look awesome, but if you use an image that has a file size of over 20mb, it's going to take so long to load that no one is going to take the time to see it! 47% of people expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less, and after 3 seconds, 53% of people will click the "back" button. Don't lose customers over this. There are sweet spot dimensions and resolutions for each of your website/social media/ ad campaign needs. Make sure your photographer knows what your intended use is for your images so that they can be formatted to benefit you the most!

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