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How to: be Authentic in Photos

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

David Oaks, World Stage Develop
David Oaks, coach to non-profits, on a call with a client.

Credibility no longer comes in the form of a suit and tie.

In these days of fake companies, fake reviews, and fake news (Sorry! Cheap joke alert), it's important that you show your authenticity as a brand. Showing your authentic self to your customers builds trust in your brand, you aren't putting on a performance. They get to see the real human behind the company, that little bit of vulnerability allows your customers to feel like they know you. People do business with brands they know and trust. When you are building your brand on social media, you must use photos to grab attention. Here's how to show authenticity in your photos. 1. No selfies allowed. Firstly, selfies are so unflattering. The outstretched arm, the big forehead, the duckface! Invest in a travel sized tripod for you phone. Here's one from amazon for under $30. Second, the selfie carries negative connotations of vanity, self-absorption, and arrogance. These are not positive adjectives! Hand your phone off to anyone standing nearby and ask for them to take a photo of you. Trust me, this one goes a long way. 2. Use objects that would visually signify your profession or your lifestyle to your audience. In many of my photos I'm holding a camera, but also, in real life I am often walking around with a camera. (Ask someone who sees me daily, it's the truth.) Put your hands on your laptop as if you are typing, hold a coffee, play with your phone, or walk your dog! These are actions that you do every day, and show the real, authentic, you! Allow your customers to see this version of you. 3. Look right into the camera and smile. It is so easy to look unintentionally dodgy, creepy, and standoffish when going for the serious look. Your customers want to go to someone who looks friendly and open so make sure that is what you look like in photos. If you feel like you have an awkward smile, there is a solution. Just spend a few minutes in front of the mirror after reading my guide on how to smile. I know it seems crazy, but you'll never take a bad photo again!

The Secret to Better Photos
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