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How to: Ask for a Testimonial

But Lindsey, this feels like work, why do I need testimonials?

  1. Positive testimonials on Google help boost you up the list on search engine results. LITERALLY making it easier for customers to find you.

  2. Positive testimonials on your website show social proof that you are going to provide what you say you will to your customers.

  3. Any kind of testimonial tells you what you are doing well for your clients, what impacted them the most (this can be surprising information), and (sometimes…) what you are doing wrong. If you find that there is something surprising that your customers love, lean into it! Do it on purpose! If you find out what you are doing wrong…well, figure out how to do it better. Change. Adapt.

How to get a testimonial:

Send your client an email/message/whatever that says:

“Hey Laura,

Quick favor? Would you write me a google review about your recent experience with me? It doesn’t have to be anything profound, just a few words about what success looked/felt like to you. I would be ever so grateful! Here is the link: (insert link here).”

This is almost never failed to get me a five star review AND priceless information about how to do better with my clients in the future!

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