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3-Steps to Get Your Offer in Front of Your Peeps Already + The EXACT Tools I use & FREE alternatives

I met Dianne Shelton online a few months ago. I don't remember exactly how we met, but I do know that at some point I noticed that she was constantly supporting me. She supported my posts, she supported and engaged in my group. She was EVERYWHERE! I started following her around everywhere begging her to be my friend and for some reason she lets me be her buddy.

I call her my "tech guru" because she knows everything there is to know about ALL the technologies. I host a room with her on Clubhouse once a week (click here to put it on your calendar) and recently Dianne asked me to speak on her podcast (click here to listen). Her energy apparently knows no bounds. She is the biz coach to new business owners and is crazy good at what she does.

I asked Dianne to write a post for us, because she brings a great perspective as a highly successful technology everything and biz coach. Take it away Dianne!


You have about 15 seconds before a squirrel catches the eye of your audience.

What better treat do you have to offer to make them stick around?

Let me walk you through step-by-step on how I personally reach my peeps so I can follow-up with them even after they’ve clicked away from my page.

You will also learn the exact toolset I used for growing my audience. As a bonus, I also included a list of free alternative tools in case money is tight at the moment.

Let’s dive in.


To attract your peeps, the first thing you need is a Free Lead Offer.

A Free Lead Offer is something that grabs your audience’s attention right away and provides value to them. This can be anything like meditation audio, digital workbook, how-to video, etc. No, you do NOT need to spend countless hours on this. I repeat. NO need to spend tireless nights on your free offer.

Keep It Simple Sillybunny.

Think about it this way, when you’re at Costco (or any other supermarket), have you ever seen them hand out free samples of King Crab Legs or iPad? I haven’t yet so please tell me if you have!

The key is to get your Free Lead in the hands of as many people as possible, as soon as possible. Perfection is overrated.

Here’s How I Created my Free Lead Offers:

Using a free tool called Canva, I designed a simple PDF workbook that provided value for my audience. Take a look at my lead offers here.

Canva is very user-friendly, easy-to-use and has simple & free templates.

!! Bonus time-saver tip: I purchased a more sophisticated template from BizSister and it was such a well-spent investment for an imperfect overachiever like myself.


Now that you have a freebie, you have to have an automagic vehicle to deliver it to your audience. Sure, you can email it manually to every single person you come across. But you will probably spend many sleepless nights making sure you respond to every single request (trust me, #BeenThere )

Here’s How I HAVE My Landing Page Setup Right Now:

I used SendFox to be the front-facing pretty website that my audience will see when I tell them about my Free Offer. SendFox is also able to manage the collection of my peeps’ email addresses and having it automagically deliver the goods while I sleep.

Here’s why: SendFox is an easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for anyone who wants to build an audience online as part of their business. Plus, SendFox is a freemium tool that currently has a one-time lifetime upgrade cost to get started. Goodbye monthly fees!

The beauty of SendFox is that you can create an autoresponder email as if you’re a pro because they walk you through the whole process step-by-step. If it still gets too overwhelming for you, it’s ok. Don’t give up hope yet. Never. Ever. Give up. There’s TONS of Youtube videos to help, contact their support team, or shoot me a note. I’m here for ya.

Click this link to sign up for my freebie and see my Email in Action


Now that you have your amazing Free Offer created and begging to get in the hands of your audience, you need to yell about it from the rooftops!

Some people get caught up with this on what social media platform to use, or if you should create a blog, or maybe learn how to train carrier pigeons to do the work for you……

What matters is you take actions, TODAY! Stop comparing yourself with what the other person is doing and start CREATING your own way! Your own unique, quirky way. The way that will reach your unique, quirky audience who will take actions and appreciate your amazing gift

Isn’t that what you really want? (or do you really wanna continue yelling into the void?)

If you want to learn more about different promotion methods I use (including automation), Join our free Women Who THRIVE Together Facebook group - we’ll also be going over this in more details

START SMALL. Create one post on Facebook inviting your friends to check out your latest freebie. You may get one person to react to it, you may get a hundred. The point is, you got out there and made things happen! Congratulate yourself, do a happy dance! You did a thing. A very valuable thing for your peeps!

Look, if I did NOT convince you to promote your freebie by now and yet somehow you’re still reading… let me tell you the flip side what happens if you don’t tell anyone… Without telling somebody about your offer, it sits in the dark corners of the internet collecting dust. And that ain’t right. Your wonderful creation should be out there getting attention of your peeps instead of having them chase squirrels. You’re doing them a disservice. Am I right?!

There you have it. 3 quick steps on how you can reach your peeps before they chase the squirrels runnin’ around. Easy peasy.

** One last thing: This article contains affiliate links where I may get paid if you sign up. It does not cost you anything, at all. And I only recommend things I truly believe in, whether they pay me or not. My #1 goal is to do my best to help & provide you the info you need to build your sustainable online business. Fair enough?

Quick Bio about the Author:

Dianne Shelton is a former Fortune 500 management consultant turned business strategist and certified Coach. She helps women pursue their passion who are fed up with complicated tools & structure so they can create a life & business they love

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